Tuesday, April 21, 2020

What is a Hauntier?

We are excited to return to podcasting. After a couple of years, Biblio Sinensis is back, thanks to Tea Spectral. And as a Tea Spectral production, the purpose of this return means so much more!

In the beginning, Stefanie Warner, aka The Tea Hauntier and owner of Tea Spectral, Biblio Sinensis was a podcast made to support her first tea product: Day Dreamer. The project drew to an abrupt halt, as the tea company took precedence. One tea product became two, then three, then...well, if you're a Hauntier, you'd know what grandeur followed.

And if you're not a Hauntier, you may have to consider to become one soon. 

In the spirit of culture and all things lovely about Tea Spectral, Stefanie, from the beginning, believed in the Vintage community as THE community to support. From the Influencers on instagram, to the fashionistas that made the millennial generation fawn over picnic baskets and Besame lipsticks. And as time progressed, supporting Influencers, like Miss Mary Lu and It's A Charming Life, the company began to reach local shops, such as Tea Kettle Cafe in Texas, and in Los Angeles with 77 Chicken Cafe and The Dairy. A culture built itself, and people wanted to wear the brand as a badge of pride, as the packages would always come to their doorstep in gold and white tissue, with a personal wax sealed letter, and sometimes with seasonal motifs splayed around the products - such as rose petals, or paper snow flakes, etc. - half the experience was the "unboxing", and many times it was streamed online!

Stef deemed these Patrons as her Hauntiers. It was a title that melded Sommelier, an expert in tea or wine beverages, and the idea of Tea Spectral, which was ideally a teatime ghost or spirit. Soon, the vintage community she once sought became Tea Spectral's community, which gathered more than whom she had bargained for. As much as Cottage Core is relevant today, where people live a slow life with displays of living humbly in a fantasy of what we know as "the simple life", Tea Spectral thrives more in parties and the cozy conversations afterwards - think flappers and the gentleman's study. This inclined her to collaborate with the eccentric Chap Hop rapper, Professor Elemental. Her teas, as exhibited at a concert she produced with Azure Lorica, mixed perfectly with cocktails - with formulas that allowed the buzz to stay longer, making for an amazing Soiree. One in particular was dedicated to said celebrity's genre: Chap Hop. The tea is still available at teaspectral.com.

This led to a private Soiree, where up-and-coming YouTubers were invited to Stef's private home, for the exclusive Tea Time Fam Collection, by Miss Mary Lu. Which then brought a collaboration with It's A Charming Life through the Patron's favorite teas: Sweater Weather and Chin Chin. All these collaborations helped Tea Spectral showcase the rest of her collection, which fanned the flames to a wonderful revelation: The Hauntier is no longer a vintage community member, but rather its own identity. 

So, here we you are, reading this lovely journey of The Tea Hauntier through the years, and returning to Biblio Sinensis. It is our hope in this company that Hauntiers should continue to grow with us as more than just tea enthusiasts, but now as bibliophiles. With the help of Bookshop, a site supporting small business book stores, our reading list can be purchased at the comfort of your own home. And, again, Tea Spectral thrives in parties and the gentleman's study, so do expect to get uncomfortable, as all changes do. For this time, the Hauntiers are not only meeting Stefanie Warner during each podcast episode, but prior bookstore clerk and web designer/now Editor and co-owner of Tea Spectral, her husband, Eugene Cordell. 

We thank you for joining us in our show, and look forward to chatting with you over book recommendations and the readership experience.

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