Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Eugene O'Neill Theatre: A Unique Story

eugene o-neil theatre

I checked, and it still stands! I don't know why I thought this theatre wouldn't be around anymore, perhaps when driving through Toluca Lake, I saw that the Falcon Theatre had become the Gary Marshall Theatre, and so changes to come and go. But no, I was wrong about the Eugene O'Neill Theatre. Not only is the original theatre alive and well in New York, but there's also a Campus in Waterford, Connecticut (

The special thing about the Eugene O'Neill Theatre is that it was originally a hotel-theatre, where people can come see the show, and enjoy a night or few of stay. Completely normal now in Las Vegas, where every show and concert is held in their monolithic hotels, but in New York, now that- that is a steal! Broadway never looked so good with controversial plays that set new boundaries for our theatrical standards.

To learn about its history, just click the play button below:

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