Biblio Sinensis is a Tea Spectral podcast program, inviting our Hauntiers to become more than tea enthusiasts and historians, and build their pallets with us, as readers

Your Hosts

Stefanie Warner | @theteahauntier
As Tea Blender at a local Pasadena tea shop, this graphic design major absorbed the tea culture between work, conventions, and leisure - becoming the proud owner and master blender of her own company, Tea Spectral, soon after graduating the Art Institute.
Visit: teahauntier.com

Eugene Cordell | @genecorde 
As an Editor for a number of publishing companies, and Film Festival Director for Azure Lorica, Eugene left a career in the web design industry to start anew in building business for Artists.
Visit: eugene.cordell.company

The Podcast

Bibio Sinensis is a podcast program by Tea Spectral.

The program was originally created by Stefanie and Eugene to build a recipe book for her tea blends through book themes. At the time, she had less than a handful in her collection. But once her company, Tea Spectral, began, the collection grew, and after two years, Biblio Sinensis is back to build a new layer behind Tea Spectral's Haunters (also known as Patrons) as not just tea enthusiasts, but as well rounded readers.

From books to articles, and even comic fangirls, the Hauntiers can grow with Tea Spectral in the culture of tea. Also known for being historian-vintage enthusiasts, these Hauntiers have been a warm community with a tender spot for all things cozy. And being The Tea Hauntier herself, Stefanie, hopes to continue the growth of the community through her blog (teahauntier.com) and this lovely treat of a podcast, Biblio Sinensis.