What Is A Hauntier?

When our founder, Stefanie, was in college, her escape from the grind of work and studies were local tea shops in Pasadena and Downtown Los Angeles, CA. There, she passed her down-time with tea, books, and many more hobbies that allowed her to unwind and refresh. Haunting multiple tea shops became an art form for her, which led to the culture she now curates with her patrons.

The success of Tea Spectral led to conversations, and soon the curiosity of tea culture she loved to exercise. Now, her Hauntiers are many, and Tea Spectral keeps growing.

So, dear Hauntier, as you sip your tea, please enjoy the programs our humble company produces. Here, we gather, wind down, and cozy up to our favorite cuppa. Let's talk, let's drink, and ease in to the rest of the day, without a worry to spare.

Welcome home.